Everyone hates spam , no one wants spam so why bother looking in your spam mail! Well there is good reason to check your spam, you may just have something that has gone to the wrong place. Spam in our email account quickly fills each day and we used to just delete everything without having a quick look just in case there was an important email that had gone astray.

These days I check and I was at first surprised to see mail that I was expecting from a new company had gone straight to spam because it had asked me for details of a private nature, which was supposed to be in the email, and I was meant to get. I was also further surprised to find a reminder for me to link up to one of the link parties I follow was sitting in my spam. Once I unspam them all is good and I receive my reminders in the right place.

The Major Reason is that :

  • A commercial E-mail (Marketing E-mail, mailing list, newsletters, etc.) that is written improperly, could easily lead to a scenario in which mail that is sent from your organization, will be recognized and classified as spam\junk mail. The mail specific content, is one of the major causes of the internal \ outbound spam problem.

  • When your E-mail is reaching to the destination mail infrastructure, most of the “destination mail systems” will scan and verify the “integrity” of the E-mail item. For example: a spam filter that will scan your E-mail items and “stamp” your E-mail with a “spam score”.The “spam score” is created after the specific mail infrastructure checks your E-mail message by using different parameters.
    Each of the different parameters gets a specific score. In case that your E-mail item exceeds a certain threshold, your email will be classified as spam\junk mail and the outcome could be a scenario in which your E-mail will be deleted by the destination mail server or, your E-mail will be stamped as “spam mail”, which will lead to the scenario of: E-mail message goes to the junk folder.


How To Keep Emails Out Of The Spam Folder :

 1. Use Spam Checkers Before Sending Your Emails :

Before sending emails out to your entire list, its worth the time to utilize a spam checking service.

2. Avoid Spam Trigger Words :

Unfortunately, there is no complete list of spam trigger words. Further, it is not always the case that your email will end up in the spam filter simply by using a so-called trigger word. The key thing to remember is that a spam filter is trying to remove commercial advertisements and promotions. So generally, words that are common in such emails should be avoided or used sparingly.

3. Include a Text Version of Your Email if You Are Sending HTML Emails :

This is a common, and easily preventable, cause for landing in the spam folder. Not only is this a good practice for avoiding a spam filter, but it also covers you in the case where the recipient cannot view HTML emails.

4. Get Off Blacklists :

If your email server is on a blacklist, it becomes extremely difficult to reliably send email, especially to new people on your lists. If you find that you are on a blacklist, you will need to follow up with the website that has added you to their blacklist. That information is provided by the tools listed above.

5. Important Tips :

If you are sending “any electronic mail message, the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,” then you must – Don’t use false or misleading header information and deceptive subject lines.Tell recipients where you’re located and how to opt-out of receiving future email from you. If your email contains only transactional emails or relationship content, then you are exempt from these rules; however, you must still not include false or misleading routing information.

Unfortunately, gmail users are being caught out by legitimate emails being sent to spam and since by default gmail now hides the spam folder they aren’t realising. So the best way is that Change your gmail spam folder to show and Regularly check your spam folder for legitimate emails and unspam any legitimate emails.

Now you’ll easily be able to see how many emails have been spammed and can easily check it for those missing emails.