In simple words ‘Core Cloud‘ is an accounting software, cloud accounting means online accounting. Instead of accessing the software from your computer’s hard disk, you access it using internet. If you have used internet banking or any email service like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, you have already experienced the power of cloud computing.

Cloud server is the secure data centres that can be accessed by users through their internet browsers.This means there is no need for servers in businesses, with information easily accessed through PCs, iPads, iPhones or any other mobile device, no matter where you are, so long as you have access to the internet. It allows for an unlimited number of computers to access the cloud, without impacting on its performance, meaning unlimited processing and storage capabilities.

See below some benefits of using ‘Core Cloud’ :

1. Access anywhere & anytime :

With cloud accounting solutions, you don’t have to be tied to the one desktop computer (out the back of the store!). For example, ‘Core Cloud our web-browser based accounting solution, you can log in anywhere, Your Cloud data can be synced with a local folder on your local PC. Always available to you, even when you are offline.

So now access ‘Core Cloud’ from any PC with any operating system. Also can be accessed from any Android, iOS or Windows mobile or Tablet. Access from any Device, any OS.

2.Virus Free :

I know every wise businessman installs a best anti-virus solution but virus makers are getting smarter everyday. Your computers are just one infected USB away from getting that deadly virus. If not USB, its the internet from where most viruses come these days. These virus are difficult to remove and sometimes wiping the entire hard disk is the only option.

As there is nothing to be installed in case of an online software, your data is safe in ‘Core cloud’ even when your computer is affected by a virus. You can just use another computer to access the application.

3. Weak or no access control are serious threats :

Do you know another easy way to loose your financial data? Don’t setup any access controls on your computer. If you don’t know what this means, then I’m sure you don’t have these controls at your office. Normally, we have only one easy-to-remember (and guess) password to unlock our computers and its often shared with other ‘trusted’ colleagues. Its often ‘okay’ to plug in USB drives to transfer data (and movies and songs). Anyone can accidentally delete important files even without evil intentions. Its often impossible to trace if someone copies important files from the computer.

In case of online accounting, nothing is stored locally and its not possible to steal or copy data without an authorised access to the software.

4. Free internet can sometimes turn out to be expensive :

Employees use office internet casually and often do not give much thought to the security. If office computers are not protected by Firewall or internet security software, some malicious sites can quietly install malware on the system which can later harm your system and cause data loss.

‘Core Cloud’ server is protected by strong anti-virus tools and are monitored 24×7 by dedicated team of professionals.
Cloud data centres utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centres are staffed 24×7 by trained security guards, and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis.

5. No Backup Required :

We all know importance of regular data backups but are not disciplined when it comes to actually protecting our data. Even the backed up needs to be protected and organised in such a way that its easy to restore when needed. Many business owners understand this but still not take necessary steps to back their financial data.

Core Cloud‘ accounting software providers take periodic backups and have systematic process to retrieve the backups when needed.

6. Save Money :

You think it’s a cost investing in software? Consider how much time it saves you – and your time is money. You don’t need to upgrade all your equipment as it’s based in the cloud, with someone else’s high-powered machines doing your number crunching. Plus there’s nothing for you to install or upgrade, and it all gets backed up automatically.

Core Cloud‘ accounting could be hugely beneficial to accounting firms that take it up, allowing for the analysis of huge volumes of data immediately and possibly cutting the burden of compiling half yearly or annual reports in the process. The possibilities this technology holds for businesses and accounting firms are endless in an economy that needs better services that take less time and cut costs. With clients able to do their own book-keeping and tax work, the implementation of core cloud could serve to elevate the role and services of the accountant to that of a trusted business advisor.

Lets move your business to ‘Core Cloud’ !

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