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At Ablion we practice humanistic management giving people the freedom to work well, to grow and earn their rewards. It is something, the East's leading e-business provider feels strongly about. Our vision is to be among the top ten global technology Service providers offering a complete spectrum of e-business, internet and communication technology services and components in an environment of empowerment, intellectual Challenge and wealth sharing. Through people oriented management we have created a programmatic, no-nonsense, performance oriented organization. There are achievable goals at every level from developers to designer, marketing to administration thus creating leaders at every level. All kinds of leaders with all kinds of potential key management of Ablion is driven by a pool of highly experienced hard-core professional who have enriched Solution with their foreseeable vision and trade expertise. Ablion's concern for crating on atmosphere that fosters se lf-motivation, self assessment and self-confidence is evident on the quality of inter personal relation individuals share with one another. We have always hired best of talents in order to render best of Ablion. Client satisfaction is of utmost priority for Ablion; hence they are committed to put their cent percent in each project.

Our human capital is our biggest assets. The HR philosophy at Ablion aims at attracting the brightest of talent from the industry, managing their aspiration and ambitions, creating an environment that encourages learning and ensuring that all our talents see a career with us and grow with the organization. We respect and value all our team members. Mutual trust and confidence from the cornerstone of our relationship within the organization.

Sprit that touches the sky, expertise that converts challenges into new success stories, zeal that inflames ultimate workability and never say die attitude is just an introduction of our team.

At Ablion, We respect your freedom, that's why we also welcome part time, and freelancers to work with us on a contract based projects.

Current Openings for Jobs in ABLION

Post: Business Developer

Minimum Experience: 1+ yrs in Sales

Must Skills: Technical Knowledge Preferable(Basic Computers and internet), Good communication skills

Job Location: Kolkata, Durgapur, Burdwan.

Post: Call Center Executive

Minimum Experience: 1+ yrs.

Skills: Excellent Communication skills, good English speaking skills, Outbound International Calling.

Job Location: Burdwan

Post: Mobile Application Developer

Minimum Experience: 1-2+ yr.

Must Skills: Android, Iphone, Ipad.

Job Location: Burdwan.

Post: Web Developer

Minimum Experience: 2+ yr.

Must Skills: php, mysql, jquery, ajax, open source applications, WP.

Job Type: Full Time.

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