Web Design Services in Burdwan, Kolkata, West Bengal and India

ABLION pride itself for being the No 1 web design company in Burdwan. With its modern and responsive web designs ablion has concurred the heart of the city for more than ten years. Over the last decade Ablion was able to associate with the small and big organization in Burdwan and developed software and websites.

Ablion helps organizations and individuals to establish their presence on the web with a well-organized internet site. Web designing helps people to represent their individuality in front of the whole world. The primary criteria for a good web development are its overall appearance which appeals most of the viewers. Ablion uses attractive color, graphics, photo and animation in mesmerizing form along with an outstanding logo which enhances the web application. We prefer bold and subtle colors which give the site a simple and clean look, good navigation which facilitates the viewer to go through the website in one look and excellent content information. Ablion uses latest technologies to build a particular design format which strikes even the most impatient searcher and insists on instant gratification.

Ablion uses the current models of Hypertext Markup Language HTML5, Extensible Hypertext Markup Language XHTML for building the base of our web development. We use Cascading Style Sheet CSS3 to apply style, JavaScript & PHP as the scripting language, Ajax and MySql database to build a website. We use Jquery cross-platform JavaScript library which simplifies the client-side scripting of HTML. Along with sublime technology to promote advanced functionality of the web application we apply quality and credibility to it which helps to gain a lot of traffic over the years. Responsiveness is an approach which enables a site to be compatible with different screen resolutions such as the computer, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc. Another high demanded technology is mobile friendly websites. Our busy lives have restricted our world to mobile phone and mobile web users have overtaken computer internet users. 75% of the customers prefer mobile friendly sites compared to regular websites. An unfortunate experience is gathered by a customer while visiting an average site in the mobile phone which can hurt the company's reputation to a great extent. Ablion have developed many responsive and mobile compatible sites which helped in improved user experience, increases average time spending on the website, increases loading speed of the site and increases visibility in search engines.

Ablion have built many company profiles which have divulged a unique position for them in the society. A good company profile on the Internet is revealing its quick facts, company overview, recent developments, key executives, company's location. We build a simple yet professional look of the website which overwhelms the viewer of the site. Persons who wanted to start a new business and wanted to make a good position in the global competitive market usually makes Company Profile Web Development. Blogs are very famous nowadays and facilitate high traffic with high page ranking. Most brilliant ideas are published through blogs and it allows multi users to share their thought which is the key objective for building it. We create the blogs such that it becomes easy for users to navigate, write, upload post and edit them in future. They can even save their posts as drafts which can be published in future. The users are even allowed to upload full coding which allows their post to have hyperlinks. Ablion customizes its blog using CSS.

Personal portfolio organizes one's life experience in a sequential manner which is the presenting oneself in front of the whole world. If a person is a professional expert, then personal portfolio site enhances his/her business and gives him/her a global exposure. Ablion builds personal portfolio websites in such a way that it matches the profession, use sophisticated color and brilliant style that suits the most and reveal the business highly.

Content Management System is a software application which helps website owners to publish, edit and modify the contents of their sites on their own without any technical training. It appreciably assists those people whose site content need to be changed from time to time. We have developed and worked on many CMS sites using Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc. CMS websites are mostly built by educational institutions, E-commerce sites, personal portfolio sites, etc. Search Engine Optimization is a common aspect which helps our site to appear in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Ablion makes highly optimized websites so that the site becomes most popular in less time. We use titles, meta tags, heading, file names under SEO.